Independence Day Images Collection To Wish 15 August [2018 Edition]

After a very long struggle against British rule India got freedom on 15 August 1947. It is itself a golden date in the history of India. It is like getting a fresh air and light after a very long duration of darkness inside a prison. Independence is the right of every human being and India got Independent on this very special Day. So here I am going to present you some quotes on Independence day images. These Independence day images contain many quotes that represent the joy of our Independence Day.

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Independence Day Images Collection Of 15 August 2018

Nowadays people love country but they don’t have time for showing the interest in their love for the nation. But we got this freedom after many years of long struggle. The national flag is the symbol of our National freedom.

Every year on 15 August Prime Minister of India hoist flag from Red Ford and address the whole nation. Whole Delhi is decorated for celebrating Independence Day of India. Independence Day Images, Independence Day quotes, Independence Day wishes, and Independence Day messages share with a great joy and happiness to every Indian people.

The live telecast of 15 August programme in Delhi is broadcasted everywhere. The whole world keeps an eye on India this day. The Prime minister of India addresses a speech to the nation and shares his achievements for the country during his period of work.

Every capital of Indian states celebrates Independence Day of India. All states chief Ministers hoist the National flag. Everywhere it becomes an environment of happiness.

So, friends, I am giving you some Independence Day Images which I have made for you to share it with your friends and colleagues. Independence Day Images are the best way to express the love for the country with everyone. Actually, people nowadays don’t have time to write and share Independence day messages. So it is a better way to send Independence Day images. Independence Day Images express the patriotism inside you. And this Independence Day Images will make your Day full with the color of happiness.

Independence Day Images collection 2018

Independence Day images are below and ready to share with the friends and relatives.

1. Dil Hai Jahan Humara

Gurbat Me ho Agar hum

rehta hai Dil Watan Me,

Samjho Wahi Hume bhi,

Dil hai Jahan Humara.

Independence day images


2. Majhab nahi sikhata aapas me bair rakhna.

Majhab nahi sikhata

aapas me bair rakhna.

hindi hain hum,

Watan hai Hindutan hamara

Independence day images

3.  Jab Mohabbat aur inquilab ka anjam wahi hai

Jab Mohabbat aur inquilab ka anjam wahi hai
To majnu banne se achha hai Chandra Shekhar Azad ban jao

Independence day images


5.  Main likh deta hu anjaam kal aaghaz aayega.

Main likh deta hu anjaam kal aaghaz aayega.
Mere khoon ki ekek boond Inquilab laayega.
Main rahun ya na rahun par wada hai tumse,
Mere baad Watan par marne walon ka sailaab aaye

Independence day images


6. Shaheedon ke mazaro par lagenge har baras mele

Shaheedon ke mazaro par lagenge har baras mele ,
watan par mitne walon ka yahi aakhiri nishaan hoga.

Independence day images


7. Khushkismat hain wo jo watan par mit jate hain

Khushkismat hain wo jo watan par mit jate hain,
Markar bhi wo log amar ho jate hain,
Karta hun unhe salaam Ae watan pe mitne walon,
Tumhari har saans par Tirange ka naseeb basta hai.


Independence day images

8. Apne Rashtriya Jhande Ko salaami de

Apne Rashtriya Jhande Ko salaami de,
Happy Independence Day.

Independence day images

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9. Bas jeena watan ke naam par

Na jeena mazhab ke naam par,
Na marna mazhab ke naam par,
Insaaniyat hi hai mazhab watan ka,
Bas jeena watan ke naam par.

Independence day images

10. Ye baat fizaon ko bataye rakhna,

Ye baat fizaon ko bataye rakhna
Roshni hogi deepak ko jalaye rakhna,
Lahoo dekar jiski hifazat humne ki,
Aise tirange ko sadaa dil me basaye rakhna.

Independence day images


11. Nasha ye Hindutaan ka hai.

Thoda Nasha “Matribhumi” ke shaan ki hai,
Thoda Nasha “Tirange” ki maan ki hai
Hum fahraenge har jagah apna Tiranga,
Nasha ye Hisndutaan ka hai.

Independence day images

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12. Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna ab hamare dil me hai

Sarfaroshi ki Tamanna ab hamare dil me hai,
Dekhna hai zor kitna Baajue qaatil me hai.

 Independence day images


13. Us zameen pe maine janam liya

Us zameen pe maine janam liya,
Ye soch ke main itrata hun,
Bharat ka rehne wala hu,
Bharat ki baat sunata hun.

happy independence images 13


14. Main jala hua raakh nahi

Main jala hua raakh nahi,
Amar deep hun,
Jo meet gaya watan par,
Main wo shaaheed.

happy independence images 14


15. Tarif agar hero ka hoga

Tarif agar hero ka hoga,
To naam Hindustan ke veeron ka hoga.

happy independence images 15


16.  Sar kata sakte hain lekin

Apni azadi ko hum
hargiz mita sakte nahi,
Sar kata sakte hain lekin,
Sar jhuka sakte nahi.

happy independence images 16



happy independence images 17

17. Ye ped ye patte ye shaakhe

Ye ped ye patte ye shaakhe
bhi pareshan ho jayen,
Agar parinde bhi Hindu
aur Musalman ho jayen.


18. Shamma-e-watan ki lau par

Shamma-e-watan ki lau par
Jab qurban patanga ho,
Honthon par Ganga ho,
Hathon me tiranga ho.


happy independence images 20


19. Fir Ud gai neend meri

Fir Ud gai neend meri
Ye sochkar,
Jo shaheedon ka baha wo khoon,
Meri chain aur neend ke lie tha.

happy independence images 19



20. Shaheedon ke tyag ko hum

Shaheedon ke tyag ko hum,
badnaam nahi hone denge,
Bharat ki is Azadi ki kabhi,
Shaam nahi hone denge.

happy independence images 21


21. Wo zindagi hi kya

Wo zindagi hi kya
Jisme deshbhakti na ho,
Aur wo maut hi kya jike baad
sharir tirange me lipti na ho.


happy independence images 22

22. Bharat maa teri gaatha

Bharat maa teri gaatha,
Sabse oonchi shaan teri shaan,
Tere aage sheesh jhukaaye,
De tujhko hum sab samman.

happy independence images 18


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