Raksha Bandhan Essay in English Edition 2021

Hello, my dear readers today I will provide you some Raksha Bandhan Essay in English.  This is one of the most important festivals (Rakhi) of India. It is celebrated all over the country with great joy and happiness. In schools and colleges students are taught about Raksha Bandhan and so they ask to write Raksha Bandhan essay in Hindi and English.  And many people also want to know more about Raksha Bandhan and it’s history. Everyone needs to know why is it celebrated.

So now we will know here every point related to this festival and why Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated with the great enjoyment.

Raksha Bandhan Essay in English

Here I am giving you Raksha Bandhan Essay on the occasion of this important day. Students can use this Raksha Bandhan for presenting at the school. For exams also students can use this Raksha Bandhan essay.


India is a country of festivals. In India, people celebrate many types of festivals for the whole year. Every festival has its own importance. Raksha Bandhan is the festival of brother and sister love. It shows the great symbol of love between brother and sister. This festival is also a symbol of teacher-student culture. This festival strongly represents the importance of donation and sacrifice for our loved ones.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration Day

Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated on the full moon of Saawan month. In this month saints and sage who live in the hermitage, they continuously used to study and yajna. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan festival Brahmin organizes Sawan month Yajna on this full moon day only.

After the completion of Yajna on this day, it was a tradition in which saints and disciples tie Holy strings. That is why it is named “Raksha Bandhan.” Following this tradition sill today Brahmins ties the string to the hosts. Later on, it is also called as Rakhi. While binding the string Brahmin used to pronounce some lines.

Nowadays brother and sister celebrate Raksha Bandhan mainly. Every sister waits for one month for welcoming this festival. On this day sisters go to their mother’s home to tie the string on his brother’s hand. Sister put tilak on the brother’s forehead and ties Rakhi on hand and feed sweet to him.

After this brother gets happy and presents a gift to his sister. Because of love, he gives clothes and money also. There is an environment of happiness. Every senior promise to protect his younger.  On Raksha Bandhan, every mother cooks Lots of tasty dishes.

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Importance of Raksha Bandhan Festival

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan festival, every shop looks beautiful with attractive decoration and the market becomes crowdy. People come in the crowd for marketing. All the shops are full of different varieties of Rakhi everywhere in the market. People have a large number of choices.

And they purchase according to their interest and people buy lots of colorful Rakhi. There is a large number of crowd in the sweets shop.

It is the culture that after string sister offers sweet to his brother. And they share sweets with each other makes the sweet day. This is why there is a very heavy crowd in all the sweets shop. People buy different types of gift to present to their lovable ones.

On the occasion of Sawan full moon day, temples are full people for prayer. People taking Gangajalwith them walk for miles and offers Gangajal to Shivaji. In many Pilgrimage place, people organize fairs. In every home, families organize prayers. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, the most important are the donations. It is an old saying that it gives lots of good wishes. People feed beggars and also give clothes to them. on the Raksha Bandhan day, people feed Saints and Brahmins.

Raksha Bandhan essay

Happiness comes this day in the form of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which also brings relatives at one place and increases the love between them. On a special day, all family members gathered at the same place. On this day a sister comes to his mother’s home and again meet everyone. This freshens the memories of childhood of them.

Children enjoy a lot on this day. Every kid wears new clothes and everyone can see the smile on their face. Sister ties string to his brother’s hand and in return, she takes the promise that his brother will protect him the whole life. Brother always keeps his promise of protecting her sister. In this way, family love becomes more strong.

Everyone forgets their past odds. In this way, this festival increases the love and brotherhood between people in all of society. This is unique in the whole world. This is the highlights of our golden history.


Through this post, you can read a Raksha Bandhan essay it has given you information about the Raksha Bandhan Festival. Why all people of India celebrates Raksha Bandhan festival every year in all over the country and since when it started. What is the reason it makes the bond between brother and sister so strong?

This Raksha Bandhan essay gives you deep information about the tradition of India. And also the continuous wealthy culture. Raksha Bandhan essay presents every aspect of Rakhi festival.


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