Raksha Bandhan funny quotes for brother 2021

According to Indian culture, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the day of full moon of Saawan month. This festival strengthens the bond between brother and sister. On this day, sister ties the string on the brother’s hand, that is called “Rakhi”. So we have brought you Raksha Bandhan funny quotes for brother 2020 to celebrate with some happiness with love. Raksha Bandhan message to the world as a symbol of the great love between brother and sister. In this post, we will talk about Raksha Bandhan festival, and also I will provide you Raksha Bandhan funny quotes for brother in English, Raksha Bandhan messages for sister and brother to wish as a sister to brother and as a brother to sister.

The true meaning of the Rakshi is to make a bond with someone for security. On this day sister ties, a string of love to his brother and brother promise her to protect all life.

On this day the only sister will tie the Rakhi, it is not necessary. For celebrating a joyful Raksha Bandhan it is needed to keep faith in this festival. On this festival, it strongly gives importance to the security of others.

On Rakhi Day, everyone wakes up early in the morning and after taking bath wear new clothes and get ready to make a special day for the sisters. So we have brought happy Raksha Bandhan messages for sister to make this day memorable.

What is Raksha Bandhan Festival?

Every year brother promise her sister to protect her life and sister ties a string on brothers hand that string is called as Rakhi and this festival is called as Raksha Bandhan. This festival is celebrated in all over India.  It is basically a Hindi festival. It is celebrated in the month of Sawan on Purnima.

Lets us know Rakhi first.

What is Rakhi

Rakhi is the most important part of the Raksha Bandhan festival. Rakhi can be made cheap to the costliest string of normal string to the silk string decorated with silver and gold on it.

The Rakhi is normally tied by a sister to the brother’s hand.  Normally big guns or leaders of the country are also tied with Rakhi.

Now for making green environment all over the country, Rakhi is also being tied to the trees to protect it. According to Bhavishya Puran Raksha sutra is made by Indrani Brihaspati tied string to the Indra, these lines he said,

” येन बद्धो बलिराजा दानवेन्द्रो महाबलः। 

तेन त्वमपि बधरामी रक्षे मा चल मा चल। “

the meaning of this Sanskrit lines are, The string which is used to tie DaanawIndra Bali, I tie you with the same string. Hey, Rakhi you are concrete still never change.


Raksha Bandhan funny quotes for brother 2021

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is very near to us. It is only a few days to left to reach to us. But are you ready for this? If you have a brother or sister then you should prepare yourself to wish your brother and sister a grand Rakhi festival gift.

Make your brothers a great day of Rakhi and present him a lot of love and care. Everyone is not as lucky as you are. Because all are not having a brother like you.

And if you have a sister then surprise her with a wonderful gift. Make her day memorable because since childhood she cares for you and understands what you can’t ever think. She shares your problems and makes your mind cool with care.

Funny quotes about brothers and sisters fighting

Relation of our sister,
Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet,
And sometimes anger, sometimes agree,
Sometimes friendship, sometimes fight,
Sometimes crying, sometimes smiling,
This is the relationship of love,
Different and unique from all other relations.

Your attractive smile makes my days wonderful,
You care for me as my second mother,
My dearest sister, I will always stand for you when you are in need.


Brothers are as street lamps,
Which is there besides the road,
Which is at the top,
But Lightens up the path,
For the people who walk.
Happy Rakshi Festival 2021


The festival of Rakhi,
To tie the Rakhsha Bandhan string,
Brother said, sister, tie the string of Rakhi,
Sister said, Remove your hand back,
and give 2 thousand rupees first.

Raksha Bandhan funny quotes for brother

Do you want Kaju Katri?
Let me see!
How about the laddoo?
Still, I am not able to find
a sweet more sweet than you!
Best Funny Rakhi Festival Status

Decorated streets with flowers,
Girls are sitting in every corner.
Don’t know where you will appear,
So I have given Rakhi to every girl’s hand.
Whenever you will come to the place,
I will smile and see your face,
Now give me your hand
And I will tie the Raksha Bandhan Rakhi.
Happy Rakhi Festival 2018.


Your discussion is everywhere,
There is love for you in every body’s heart.
This is not a miracle, This is the time,
Because Rakhi is very near,
Every girl is waiting for you,
All girl is irrevocable,
Every girl has a wish for you,
Friends, This is not your work,
After few days Rakhi is coming.
Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018


Rakha Bandhan is the Sign of Love,
Between Brother And Sister,
It is a great feeling,
I always have a wish,
To make my sister always happy,
And gift a special surprise to her.
Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018
Happy Raksha Bandhan to all !!


We have grown together,
Got a lot of love since childhood.
To increase the love between,
Brother and sister Rakhi have come as a festival.
Happy Raksha Bandhan

raksha Bandhan funny quotes for brother in English

The string of Chandan, Necklace of flowers,
Saawan month come and has come festival of Rakhi.
Which shows love between brother and sister,
Sisters want lots of love from bother,
Never asks for big gifts,
This relation never ends,
Hope get lots of love from brother,
Shine like the sun,
The fragrance like the flower,
My wish is always as a sister,
You always be happy.
Lots of love and wish you,
A very Happy Raksha Bandhan 2021.


Holi is the festival of colors,
Diwali is the festival of light,
But Rakhi is the festival of Powerful relationship.
Happy Raksha Bandhan.

funny Raksha Bandhan quotes for sister

Our relationship is for lives, full of faith and love,
Let’s tie it strongly with Unbroken bond Rakhi.
Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest brother.


Rakhi makes forget all odds and evens,
This tie is the strongest bond of love,
Remember that childhood fights, shouts and make agree,
This is what we call love between brother and sister,
And this bond is nicely described by Raksha Bandhan festival.


This moment is so special,
Brothers hand in sisters’ hand.
O my lovely sister, I have a special gift for you.
For your happiness my dear sister,
Your brother is always with you.


My dearest sister I wanna tell you,
The time when we used to fight,
then my love was different.
Happy Raksha Bandhan.


Festival of Rakhi has come,
Spread the love in the environment.
Made with the thread of silk,
Sister has tied a Rakhi on the brother’s hand.
It is an old saying of stars,
My brother is one amongst the thousands.
Love You A Lot Happy Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan Quotes image 1

Short slogan on Raksha Bandhan

If you have a sister send her wonderful quotes which are specially written only for the sisters. Wish them with Raksha Bandhan Quotes for sisters and make her life full of love.

So just share with your sister and gift her an amazing gift with these lovely quotations.

Sometimes sister fights with us,
Sometimes she gets angry with us,
But still, she is very dear to us,
Therefore our sisters understand
Even we never speak.

Happy Rakhi festival to my Sister.


Sister never asks for Silver or Gold’s necklace,
She only wants care and love from a brother.

Happy Rakhi festival to my Sister.


See the festival of Rakhi has come,
And brought lots of love with it.

Happy Rakhi festival to my Sister.


Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes & Wishes For Sisters

Sawan has come again bringing greeness,
to every brother and sister,
It has come to the day of full moon,
Rakhi is the string to tie with love,
It is the faith of sisters love,
and brought lots of love
of the second mother for every brother.

Happy Rakhi festival to my Sister.


Rakhi has brought thousands of happiness,
Sweetness is mixed in the relationship
between brother and sister.

Happy Rakhi festival to my Sister.


Since every brother’s hand is full of Rakhi,
But ask a person who has no sister,
The hands of whose still have no Rakhi.

Raksha Bandhan has a lot of love for my dearest sister.


short quotes on Raksha Bandhan

See the strength of this Rakhi,
Who makes a brother so strong,
Who never back down,
when it comes to sisters security,
But has a soft corner for the sister.

Wish Happy Rakhi festival Sister.


Agree with a sister fights and shouts on us,
But no one is as better as sisters.

Happy Rakhi festival.


Have you ever thought to provide,
self-defense training to the sister,
Then there will be never tension
for the security if the sisters.

funny Raksha Bandhan quotes for sister 2021


The showers of this rainy season have made,
blossom of new flowers,
The sweet fight between brother and sister,
Love has increased more and more due to Raksha Bandhan.

Wish Happy Raksha Bandhan Quotes to your brother and sister.

Importance Of Rakhi Festival in Current time

In this current era everywhere there is a rush. people don’t have time for each other. Why are we talking about this?

Tell me when you were the child then you were with a sister who used to care for you as a mother. Never ever wished anything wrong. So you are always missing those moments. Because only once we get that life. And it never returns. So please live every moment that it will never come again.

We have our sister like gold so secure her and love her until life ends.

Happy Rakhi Festival to every sister. I hope you like this post about Raksha Bandhan funny quotes for brother. We celebrate every year with full happiness in any festival. we know that today we are here we don’t know about tomorrow so this relationship is important and we have to give importance.

if you like his post happy Raksha Bandhan messages for sister then please share it with your brother and sister and also with friends so that they can also make their day memorable.

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